Our Team

Holly is in charge of sales. She is the one who designs the website and adds, and tells everyone why they should buy from us. She is also in charge of making sure we don’t miss any of the fashion shows. she gets us in as many fashion shows as she can. Her job is to keep our schedule packed! Come to our store to find out when the next fashion show is!

Lily’s job is to find the latest fashion from Paris, and other famous places like that, and bring them to the company so that the company can make them. She also designs new fashions and sends the patterns to the seamstresses.

Jessica is the head of a whole team of Seamstresses. Lily sends her either pictures of the newest fashions, or patterns for them. When Jessica is sent a picture, she makes a pattern from it, and then she makes one, and then her team of seamstresses sew more, each dress sewn carefully by hand.

Linda is their Model. She is the one who goes to the fashion shows, and has mastered changing within a minute. She wears all of the new fashions. She is also the one who goes to all the parties. She represents the company with Tabetha. Linda is always by Tabetha’s side.

Please, always feel free to visit the shop. We are always happy to see you, whether you just want to look around, get measured, buy a dress, or order a custom dress, we will still be happy to see you.